So, What is Covered Under our Preferred Warranty??

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What does the free Nationwide Warranty cover?

Any Preferred Jeweler will, at no charge:

  • RE-TIPPING OF PRONGS*, INSPECTION OF CHANNEL WORK AND SETTINGS: Thorough inspection of all prongs, channel and setting work to assure none of the stones move in any way. Re-tipping is the process of adding small amounts of metal to the tip of each prong. Stones do not have to be removed.
    *In the instances where Rhodium is required, a charge MAY be incurred. This is at the sole discretion of the Preferred Jeweler.

  • RE-SIZING: (Excluding Eternity bands) - When possible, a Preferred Jeweler will provide lifetime resizing of your ring. Some rings are not sizable, especially if there is a large size difference, a specialty design or there is micro pave. Changing the size of a ring with micro pave is never recommended. If you re-size this type of ring it will be unrepairable as the stones will loosen and the integrity of the ring will never be the same.

  • TIGHTENING OF STONES: Preferred recommends and requires that you come into your Preferred retailer to have your items inspected every 6 months so that we can check for any loose stones and perform the necessary repairs.

  • REFINISHING AND POLISHING: Any scratches and or scuffs will be polished. Some finishes can’t be restored especially specialty designer finishes. Steam, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing machines are used to bring your jewelry to pristine condition.
    *In the instances where Rhodium is required, a charge MAY be incurred. This is at the sole discretion of the Preferred Jeweler.

  • LOOSE EARRING BACKS: Your earring backs will be repaired and or replaced if they are no longer secure.

  • PREFERRED JEWELERS will replace a diamond up to .20ctw at no additional charge to the consumer.

  • FREE LIFETIME MAINTENANCE: To keep your warranty valid you are required to visit your Preferred Jeweler every 6 months to have your items inspected and maintained. Your visit will be notated in the Preferred website database. Customer and retailer will be notified by email 30 days before and again 14 days before "due date" inspection. Please ensure that we have a valid email address on file. Should there be a lapse in time and warranty has become invalid the retailer may then charge the customer to bring the item back into warrantable condition and then reinstate the warranty.


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