Birthstone of the Month: Aquamarine

MONTH: March

STONE: Aquamarine 

"Named after seawater, aquamarine’s fresh watery hue is a cool plunge into a refreshing pool." (

Most often found in Brazil, Aquamarine ranges in color from a light blue to a blue/green hue and most are completely flawless. It is a Beryl gemstone just like the stone Emerald! Beryl is known as giving the person who wears the jewelry, protection, strengthens intellect and makes the person more confident.

"Aquamarine is faceted into many cuts. It is a popular stone for rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry forms. Many exceptionally large and flawless Aquamarine gem pieces have been cut. Occasionally, perfect, flawless, six-sided crystals are worn as necklace pendants. Translucent Aquamarine displaying cat eye effects are uncommon, but they do exist occasionally. Lesser quality Aquamarines lacking good transparency are sometimes used as beads and as rough polished stones in bracelets and necklaces. " (

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The Diamond Gallery of Naperville